UBG believes in cultivating gratitude ALWAYS!
We grow, learn, empower and thrive through the guidance and invaluable support, talents, mentorship, and many contributions of the UBG TEAM.
As the saying goes, “It takes a village…”


Musician / Vocalist / Composer

Keith “Law” Lawrence, an accomplished violist, vocalist, composer, and arranger with talent, style and presence that earn him respect from fans and musicians alike is a powerhouse of a musician. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Law began his musical studies at 10 years old, later becoming a graduate of the Conservatory of Music at Oberlin College and DePaul University’s School of Music where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in viola performance. A California resident since 2008, Law specializes in various styles of  music and has been Grammy nominated for his work with Quartet San Francisco, performs regularly with the Berkeley and Santa Rosa Symphonies, works on television shows, video game and movie soundtracks, and has performed with the likes of Solange, Peter Gabriel, Bjork, Diana Krall, Quincy Jones, Tony Bennett, Josh Groban, and Andrea Bocelli, to name a few. Currently, the violist for Cosa Nostra Strings (Jazz Mafia), the electronic music duos, KraftLaw, O’Brien@Law, Rosebrook@Law, and a member of the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra, Law keeps himself busy, always exploring the limitless possibilities of musicianship and the creative world at large.



    Musician / roducer / DJ / Video Editor

    Kenneth L. Kemp is an accomplished singer/songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, producer, engineer, and video editor from Dallas, TX who has called San Francisco home since 2012. After writing and producing his first album at 18, he and his band Binary Sunrise were taken under the wing of Polyphonic Spree leader Tim DeLaughter, who promoted that recording as the first release from his label, Good Records Recordings. In San Francisco, Kenneth aligned himself with the queer punk rock scene in rock clubs and the gay disco revival in dance clubs, serving as lyricist, vocalist, and co-producer of local favorites Club Meds, in addition to spinning records for numerous events and parties throughout the Bay Area. In addition to various musical endeavors, Kenneth has been involved in various film and video projects dating back to 1997. Having a voracious appetite for music, film, and literature, Kenneth L. Kemp spends his time both absorbing and celebrating various forms of media, and then exploring fresh ways to leap forward into exciting and unknown creative paths. Unicorn Breeding Ground is a new opportunity for Kenneth and Keith to work with emerging artists and try something new and different, in this new and different world.

      Anita Casalina

      Anita Casalina


      Award-winning Producer and Director Anita Casalina is an Oakland native who has worked in the Civil Rights Movement and media all her life. In 2014, Anita co-founded World Changers Entertainment, building a television show highlighting stories of transformation and poverty alleviation.

      In her lifetime, Anita has witnessed great progress on the issues of racism and discrimination. Yet the re-emergence of deeply held racial prejudice and the resulting hate crimes showed her that we still have a long distance to travel before our society is fair and equitable. That realization became the driving force for her to produce the film Imaginary Walls. By lifting up the Racial Healing Circles approach, the film will help to cross the long-held divides among groups of people who need to find common ground and build a future big enough to hold all of us.

      Currently, with Anita serving as Owner and CEO of San Francisco Media Group, the now woman-owned business, with the creative knowledge and joyful, can-do staff that has been a benchmark of San Francisco Media Group, they are proud to have longevity and to be connected to the ever-changing and vibrant San Francisco production community at large.

        Eric Lifschitz

        Eric Lifschitz


        Eric Lifschitz is a multifaceted attorney, artist and inventor.  Originally trained as a chemist and started his legal career as a licensed patent attorney.  Concurrent with his legal education he filed and obtained a patent for his own invention.  Currently he has his own law practice with a focus on tenants rights.  Eric is dedicated advocate for his community, having been the Board president of San Francisco’s Eviction Defense Collaborative for nearly five years and providing free Tenants Rights Made Easy seminars spreading his firms ethos of empowering tenants to self advocate.

        Separate from all this, Eric is a life long interest in arts and is coming out of Covid inspired to delve into Ceramics where he has found a nascent talent in sculpture and other areas.

          Fawks Gilić

          Fawks Gilić


          Dancing through a myriad of genres, Fawks cultivates inclusive spaces for the queer underground to thrive and express themselves through music, kink and community. Fawks has become a figurehead in his local scene through the collective he co-founded, Fog City Pack(SF) and his newly launched independent event FawksTales(SF). But he’s not stopping there. Taking on a pivotal role booking entertainment for Folsom Street Events(SF) and as the Social Media Manager of the Black Techno Matters(D.C.) If that wasn’t enough he’ll be wrapping up school for music production making him someone to keep an eye on, as it seems he has a limitless commitment to expanding his contribution to nightlife.

          One of the founding members of Fog City Pack in San Francisco Fawks has worked tirelessly to cultivate spaces for queer music to flourish. His own flare for seductively haunting Techno has quickly gained him a dance floor following.

           At a very young age Fawks has been bopping around to the beat of tunes on the radio. However, it wasn’t until high school when he was introduced to Punk did his musical journey truly begin. The loud, fast music energized him in ways that he’d never experienced, coupled with the politically charged messages of unity and progress as equals, Fawks first realized the immense power music has. 

          In his early twenties he became the mastermind behind the playlists that were demanded at the house parties he attended. Hunting down the best remixes to destroy the tiny living room dance floors of his friends homes became his weekday pastime. Even back then he had an affinity for deeper, darker sounds, which led him to House and finally settling into Techno. 

          After moving to San Francisco, Fawks co-founded the kinky collective Fog City Pack(FCP). FCP’s core parties ‘Alpha’, ‘Beta’ and ‘Omega’ have become staples in San Francisco nightlife both for the DJ bookings and liberated environment. Continued dedication to the cultivation of inclusive spaces to uplift the queer electronic music scene remains at the forefront of his personal ethos. From this drive his independent event “FawksTales” was born. Using the attention he’s gained to pass on opportunities to other DJs in the underground is his lifelong dream come true, and he shows no signs of slowing down




          A major part of the House of Aviance since 1989, Gehno has a background in music, graphic design, art and dance. In his earlier incarnations, he was an art gallery owner, dancer, social media manager and casting agent. He has a passion for story-telling through color, sound, something which comes through in his work.

          Besides being an award-winning music producer, Gehno is the Executive Director of Antonio’s Closet Productions, an independent film studio that focuses on giving voice to underrepresented people. He designs for and owns exiletees.com. He is also a freelance web and graphic designer with over 10 years of experience. His work emphasizes creativity and innovation with an eye for detail.  Some of my past projects include but are not limited to web development, web content, product development, logo design, video advertisements, print media and social media content.
          Gehno started DJing in 1992. In 1998 he moved to San Francisco where he has continued to DJ and hone his talent to this day. His sound is an amalgam of decades of musical influences including Techno, Acid House, Garage, Breaks, Hip Hop, Jungle and Caribbean Drums. He weaves his sounds into a seamless musical journey that is deeply rooted in the past while always keeping his finger on the pulse of the future. 


          Joe Manzo

          Joe Manzo

          Graphic Designer

          As a designer, my work is a reflection of who I am – I therefore take pride in all of the work I do. Each new job is an opportunity for me to create a working relationship with and ultimately impress a client, creating a new ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship. I can not be successful if you don’t love what I do for you and I prefer to be successful!

          Regardless of the size, budget or timeline, your project is my number one priority and is not complete until you are content and would recommend me to others. This is how I make a living, and my best marketing tool is you. Graphic Design is rarely a singular experience, and I welcome your input and suggestions.

            Ronald R. Lawrence

            Ronald R. Lawrence


            Ron was born in Gulfport, Mississippi and attended segregated elementary, middle and high school there. He began college in the Fall of 1964 at HBCU Xavier University of New Orleans, Louisiana. 

            Ron later graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Detroit. He also earned a BS degree in Math with a minor in  Physics from Xavier University, New Orleans, Louisiana and did extensive coursework towards a Masters degree in Business Administration at the University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky.   

            He began his career with the Boeing Company as a telemetry engineer and test assistant working in the NASA Apollo Moon Landing Space Program in 1968 on an engineering co-op assignment where he worked with the African American women of “Hidden Figures”.  Upon graduating from the University of Detroit in 1970 he accepted an engineering assignment with the General Electric Company in Louisville, Kentucky, where he worked in Design, Advanced Design and Production Engineering. 

            He and his wife, Valerie and son Ronnie later moved to Virginia in 1974 with the Westinghouse Electric, Corporation, where he worked as Manager of Market Planning and Distribution in the Industrial and Commercial Air Conditioning Division.  Westinghouse transferred him to Pittsburgh in 1978 where he worked at its corporate headquarters as Manager of Market and Strategic Planning for the Air Conditioning Group.  Ron moved to the Transportation Division of Westinghouse in 1981 where he worked as deputy program manager, program manager, and Senior Program Manager for the Washington D.C Metro, Atlanta Airport People Mover, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit System, Denver Airport People Mover system, and Singapore Bukit Panjang Transit Projects. 

            After Westinghouse was bought out by the Daimler-Chrysler in 1988, Ron was promoted to Vice president, Signalling and Auxiliary Equipment, ABB-Daimler-Chrysler Transportation, then to Director, Project Development and Sales Total Transit Systems Division, Director Project Management of Sekurflo Security Products, and then to Director, Marketing, Sales  and Proposal Management, Bombardier Transportation, Rail Control Solutions, Americas Division.  Ron Retired from Bombardier in April of 2015.

            Ron has traveled extensively over six continents, and some 24 countries in North America, South America, Europe, Nordic Region, the Middle East, and Asia, including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. Ron is very much interested in the education of African American Youth and works tirelessly to help them navigate “life’s highway”.  In 2015 he was selected as the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Highmark, and Bank of NY Mellon’s Jefferson Award winner for the Pittsburgh Region’s Most Outstanding volunteer and represented the Region at the National Jefferson Awards Ceremony in Washington DC. The award was for his 30 years of volunteer service with the 100 Black Men of Western Pennsylvania Mentoring Organization.  Ron also received the Urban League’s 2015 Ron Brown Award for Community Service, the Omega Psi Phi 2015 award for Citizen of the year, and 2019 Judge Livingston Johnson- Boy Scouts Life Time Achievement Award     Ron also serves on several Boards in Pittsburgh, including the Boy Scouts Laurel Highlands Council Scout-Reach Division, A+ Schools, 100 Black Men of Western Pennsylvania, and the Iota Phi Foundation of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.

            Ron’s perspective and hope for life for Africans in America is based on a quote from Paul Robeson; “We realize that our future lies chiefly in our own hands.  We know that neither Institutions nor friends can make a people stand unless it has strength in its own foundation; that people  like individuals must stand or fall on their own merit; that to truly succeed they must practice the virtues of self-reliance, self-respect, industry, perseverance and economy.” As current Board Chair of the 100 Black Men of Western Pennsylvania, Ron has dedicated himself, for the past 34 years, to working with over 3,000 African American youth in the Western Pennsylvania region, motivating them to achieve and to believe in the immortal words of Malcolm “X”, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”.



              Musical Artist / Event Producer / Record Label Owner

              Sappho is a queer musical artist, event producer and co-owner of Koritsi Komma Records based out of Portland, Oregon. Harkening back to the most famous poet of antiquity who did not identify as a man, Sappho’s namesake has a strong connection to lesbian love and sensual empowerment. Much like the fabled name that they have built their base upon, they have often been the marginalized voice amongst a sea of male creatives. With over 20 years of involvement in the dance community, they are a mentor to queers and femmes in the craft of deejaying and a resource of underground nightlife culture. They have been changing the status quo with their deep research, guided by precise, almost librametric, methods, branching into new forms and combinations that weave an intricate modern day poetry for a current generation of souls, freeing them, to dance, to love, to feel – the way only a perfect stanza of poetry could elicit.

                TODD LEMIEUX

                TODD LEMIEUX

                Grphic Designer / Design Educator

                Todd M. LeMieux is a nationally-recognized graphic designer and design educator. His design focus is on identity development / branding, design for higher-ed, and for social causes…Good design, for good causes, with good people. 

                Todd has received numerous local, regional and national awards for his design work, and has been published in several books including the LogoLounge series, Master Library series, American Graphic Design, as well as a feature in the Graphic Designer’s & Artist’s Market directory.

                He has been an active member of Graphic Artists Guild for over 20 years, and has served on the national board’s Executive Committee, the Advocacy, Communication and Education Committees, as well as served as the New England Regional Representative. Todd is currently the Guild’s Communication Chair. He was a founding member of AIGA-CT and served as the Education Director for that chapter at its inception. Previously, he served as Vice President, and then President, for the Ad Club of Western Massachusetts.


                Todd has worked on a diverse range of design projects for a wide variety of clients including: Warner Music Group, Lego, Connecticut Lottery, MassMutual, City of Springfield, San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, Yale University, Northampton Chamber of Commerce, Sodexho, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Mount Holyoke College, Springfield College, Hampshire College, AGFA Medical, Dr. Hauschka Skincare, Organic Trade Association and Friendly’s Ice Cream Corporation.


                Outside of his graphic design passion, Todd enjoys travel, cooking and live music—and he will likely win any 80s new wave music trivia game he plays.


                (413) 237-6869

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